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He did the research and looked for the extensive database of new Forze vehicles. You’ve narrowed your options down, you’ve decided where to shop and you know what you expect to find when you get there. It’s a great start, but it’s not the end of the process when you buy a new vehicle. You still want to make sure you get the lowest price, the maximum of your exchange and the best financing rates. And you do not want to pay unnecessary guarantees, fees and supplements. Understanding all those details can be challenging, but not insurmountable. Here are some tips on how to navigate the final steps of buying to end up with the best deal possible.

The facts.

These 6 levers are as follows:

  • The price: The research you did to find the car, the level of equipment and the right options will also be useful when negotiating the price. Tell the seller immediately that you have done your homework, know exactly what type of car you want and in what type of setting, and know the right price for that vehicle.
  • Trade-in: After setting an acceptable price for the new vehicle, and only then, begin negotiations on your change. Negotiating the price of the new vehicle and the exchange value at the same time gives the seller another opportunity to manipulate the prices in their favor. They can not take that route, but why give them the opportunity?.
  • Financing: Unless you have saved enough money to pay for your new vehicle, you will also want to do your homework when it comes to financing a new vehicle. To get the most leverage, buy a loan and obtain prior approval from one before entering the dealership.
  • Registration: Before finishing the deal on your new vehicle, you will be presented with a list of rates. Some of these are unavoidable. Many are not. The fees you will have to pay are sales tax, a destination charge, title and registration fee and a documentation fee (it must cost between $ 150 and 300 to process the documents that establish your title and registration). If you are renting, you will also have to pay for the Self-insured insurance.
  • Options Installed by the Dealer: It is also helpful to understand the difference between the options installed by the dealer, such as pinprinting, window tinting and wheel locks, and options installed at the factory or installed at the port.
  • Warranty: In addition to the options installed by the dealer, you will probably be offered an extended warranty or a service contract at the dealership. It is probably not the seller who offers this, but the manager of Finance and Insurance. This is the person who will determine the terms of your loan or lease after you have established a price with the seller. But make no mistake, the F & I manager is also trying to make a sale. They will offer an extended warranty that covers your vehicle beyond the warranty of the new automobile manufacturer.

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